ReCODE Protocol Daily 4 Bundle


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ReCODE Protocol Daily 4 Bundle

 Health Benefits

There’s a Latin phrase sports pros and fitness fans love to repeat: “Mens sana in corpore sano.” Roughly translated, it means “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” Daily exercise is important for your overall body and brain health, and so are these four products!*

Dale Bredesen, MD  partnered with LifeSeasons to create these potent formulas. They address the daily nutritional needs of everyone interested in optimal cognitive performance and brain function.

ReCODE Protocol Daily 4 Bundle contains one (1) each of:

ReCODE Protocol Daily Multivitamin

Formulated with essential vitamins and minerals designed to boost cognitive performance.

ReCODE Protocol Daily Probiotics

Supports the gut-brain connection by helping to balance the body’s microbiome.*

ReCODE Protocol Daily Omega-3s

Supports cognitive function with EPA and DHA.*

ReCODE Protocol Daily Antioxidants

A well-researched blend of nutrients to neutralize free radicals, and nourish the brain and nervous system.