Capsella Complex Phytosynergist 6.8 fl oz


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Capsella Complex Phytosynergist® is a female tonic containing herbs traditionally used to support healthy female reproductive system function.

It contains Dong Quai root, False Unicorn, Shephard’s Purse and White Peony. These herbs have been traditionally used in herbal preparations to:

  • Promote healthy female reproductive system function
  • Relieve temporary, mild cramping and discomfort associated with menstruation
  • Maintain normal menstrual flow
  • Assist as a tonic for the female reproductive system and promote vitality in women*

The combination of herbs in Capsella Complex Phytosynergist contains many compounds including essential oil (consisting mainly of ligustilide and n-butylidene phthalide), sterols, flavonoids, glucosinolates, steroidal saponins and a unique monoterpene glycoside called paeoniflorin.

Nutrients & Ingredients

Each Serving Size 5 mL (1 tsp) contains: Calories 10, Dong Quai root 1:2 extract 1.5 mL (from Angelica polymorpha (A. Sinensis) root 750 mg), False Unicorn root 1:2 extract 1.25 mL (from Chamaelirium luteum root 625 mg), Shepherd’s Purse herb 1:2 extract 1.25 mL (from Capsella bursa-pastoris herb 625 mg), White Peony root 1:2 extract 1 mL (from Paeonia lactiflora root 500 mg). Other Ingredients: Purified water and 40% alcohol.