NeuroSpark 750 mg 60 capsules [Cognitive Enhancer]


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NeuroSpark is one of the most popular racetam class nootropics next to NeuroPill. NeuroPill is the original nootropic (cognitive enhancer) but since many newer and more potent or differing effects have been created. NeuroSpark is one of the first of these NeuroPEPT and more are other examples NeuroPEPT a 3rd generation racetam like nootropic being the latest and most potent of them all.


While NeuroSpark shares many effects of it’s nootropic parent it has Far more potent effects on neuroreceptors called AMPA (a type of Glutamate receptor) which is involved in Cognition especially memory and learning, and uniquely effects the neuroreceptors Serotonin 5-HT2A and Dopamine D2, of which both play a role in mood and stress.*


NeuroSpark is a foundational nootropic which means it is a solid base for a neuro or smart stack for overall cognitive enhancement