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Review review the doctor who referred you to get $25 off* !!

It is truly an honor to partner with you on our journey to health and wellness and your medical providers are the pillars of our success.  It is the reason for our existence (NutrimentRx) , and we believe that if healthcare is to improve it needs to start one patient at a time - and that is You!

Understanding this, can you do us a REALLY big favor? If you feel so inclined, and want to help us change the practice of medicine to a more personal, patient-centered experience, please help us by writing an encouraging review regarding your experience with your provider on the review site that honors them the most.

While everybody likes a good review, the main reason we are asking this is because the first barrier to healing is a lack of HOPE that healing can happen. If we are going to change healthcare, we need to change the perception of what is possible in the minds of those who are needlessly anxious, suffering, or at risk of early disability and death. Please, if you are comfortable with encouraging others in this way, tell part of your story.

Once you leave your review simply paste the URL and your email address in form and we will honor you with store credit.

We really appreciate you taking the time to do this!


           The NutrimentRx Family