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With so many innumerable benefits, natural dietary supplements have proven to be a game changer for many Americans. Not only do they provide the essential nutrients needed in the food we consume, they also serve as functional medicines. How many people do you know take dietary supplements? You’d be surprised. A statistic carried out by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011 revealed that 53% of adult Americans take supplements. That’s more than half the population! The advantages of natural dietary supplements are definitely having a rippling effect across the country. Here are the main reasons why.

Micronutrients are important but are usually limited in our diet because of how we clean and cook our food. These nutrients improve the body’s immunity and protect it from a variety of diseases. Hence, a daily supplementation of vitamins and minerals can provide the essential building blocks for your immunity.
Athletes have long known the amazing properties that natural dietary supplements carry. In fact, most athletes supplement daily to improve their endurance, muscular strength, and physical performance. You may not be a quarterback in the NFL, but having a consistent dose of supplements can boost your agility to that of an athlete as you work out.
Dietary supplements can be used together with other prescriptions as a complementary to alleviate ailments and treat health conditions. For instance, pregnant women are encouraged to take a consistent dose of folic acid to stop any possible birth defects. Doctors usually advise pregnant women to take about 100 micrograms of folic acid during the first trimester of their pregnancy. This goes a long way in protecting the baby against defects such as spina bifida. Another important nutrient for pregnant women is Vitamin D. Most to-be teenage moms and young women suffer from this deficiency because their bodies haven’t adjusted well to the pregnancy yet. Hence, it is important that they supplement daily with about 10 micrograms of Vitamin D for nourishment. Vitamin D helps in calcium body regulation, and ensures that your teeth and bones remain healthy and strong. Natural dietary supplements therefore play a key role in promoting the normal development of a fetus during pregnancy.
In order to boost and maintain optimal fitness, supplementing can be a great idea. There are usually three main types of natural dietary supplements. High protein-based supplements provide a rich supply of amino-acids which are essential building blocks for the body. High carbohydrate-based supplements provide the necessary energy required for many internal physiological processes. Lastly, there are also unique supplements such as omega 3 that provide the fatty acids extracted from fish oils which helps people battling with heart ailments.

As one of the leading suppliers of natural dietary supplements in the United States, we as NutrimentRX strive for excellence in the value of our products because we understand the importance they have in improving the lives of millions of Americans.

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Nutrients are important to the body. They provide the essential factors vital to keeping you healthy and strong throughout the stages of human growth and development. In fact, we at NutrimentRX believe in supplying the best nutritional supplements to all people, regardless of whether they are in puberty, adult-hood or in their senior years. A consistent intake of nutriments to your system helps to revitalize the organs and keep them functioning at their best. That is why we believe in ‘personalized medicine for optimal wellness.’

When it comes to understanding the essential list of vitamins, minerals and herbs required by the human anatomy, NutrimentRX pioneers in providing them in the easiest to ingest forms; ranging from lozenges, capsules and liquid doses. We believe that each complex process of the body requires at least a certain amount of nutrients for excellent functioning; that is why we offer the best nutritional supplements to be accompanied with positive-living activities and practices such as:

We support you in your endeavor to obtain the best from what you eat by enriching your diet with the essential vitamins that are usually destroyed when food is overcooked or when minerals are washed away during the cleaning process. We also encourage high rich proteins from lean meat sources, whole grains such as sorghum and healthy fats in your diet to boost overall health. It is our personal initiative for every consumer of our products to maintain a healthy living standard.
The body is an engine that constantly needs to burn fuel to keep healthy and active. That is why we offer a wide range of supplements that serve the purpose of boosting your metabolism and subsequently burning more calories as you exercise. We believe that fitness is as important an aspect of positive-living as healthy eating; that is why we encourage you to incorporate a daily work-out routine in your program as you use our products for a livelier and healthier outlook of your body.
Just as you eat healthy, you should also watch what you eat and how much you take in. Dieting is an essential part of our quest to providing functional medicine to our consumers. In fact, we have a wide range of natural dietary supplements that ease the dieting process and give your body the time to adjust to the new physiological processes that take place as you lose weight.
Lack of sleep, scientifically known as insomnia, is a characteristic symptom of a deficiency of essential nutrients in the body. It can be very stressful to lack sleep, and it is one of the leading factors of stress and severe depression in adults today. With a full line of best nutritional supplements here at NutrimentRX, any nutrient deficiencies can be quickly boosted to return normal sleep the patterns, which in turn improves health.
Nutrients not only serve the purpose of improving organ health and nourishing cells, but they also serve in alleviating a wide range of symptoms characteristic of ailments such as cancer. By consistently supplementing with nutritional and dietary supplements, levels of cholesterol in the body have been reduced in patients with abnormal cholesterol. Symptoms of high blood pressure have also been diminished. Pain is alleviated and some products even bring a ‘feel good’ sensation to patients suffering from diseases because they contain endorphins such serotonin which increases happiness levels.

Hence, we at NutrimentRX are not only about the most efficient dietary and nutritional supplements; we also prioritize the quality of life of our consumers for overall customer satisfaction.

A dietary supplement is a product that contains essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes or herbs that are usually deficient in the system at the time the consumer ingests them. They are very important for many metabolic processes to take place and hence a deficiency in one or two can prove fatal for some if not reintroduced to the body. Here at NutrimentRX, we offer a wide range of natural dietary supplements for regular intake.

There are two main types of nutriments that the body requires to function optimally. These are macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients consist of carbohydrates and proteins while micronutrients consist of vitamins and minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Each of these groups contains important nutrients that are critical for healthy living. Most people suffer from micronutrient deficiencies that due to the following reasons.

Vitamins-Adequate quantities of vitamins in food is drastically reduced when meals are overcooked or when foodstuffs are stored improperly. Hence, few people actually utilize the total amount of vitamins in the food they eat because they are minimized by these processes. Water soluble types such as B and E are required on a daily basis. Fat soluble ones such as A, D, E and K can be stored in fat deposits all around the body and so they last longer. It is therefore important to incorporate natural dietary supplements containing water soluble vitamins.

Minerals-Are usually categorized as bulk or trace. Bulk minerals consist of the ones required in large amounts by the body such as Potassium, Sodium and Phosphorus. Trace consists of the ones required in minimal amounts such as Iron. The importance of minerals to our digestive and physiological systems cannot be downplayed. They are essential for cell generation, cell make-up and the general chemical balance of cells. With so much processed food being sold in the market, it is becoming difficult for minerals to be found in our diets. Organic foods on the other hand are very expensive and so the most cost-effective option is to get natural dietary supplements from NutrimentRX as we offer the best mineral in the market.

Herbs-Have been used for over a millennium as traditional medicines that are essential in treating illnesses and alleviating symptoms. Since there is no definitive food source that incorporates herbs in the diet, they are usually blended into fine grain particles that are taken as green tea. Green tea extras are among the products that we as NutrimentRx encourage our consumers to purchase because we realize the innumerable benefits that traditional medicines bring to the body.

Enzymes-For most of us, our bodies usually produce most of the enzymes vital for various metabolic processes such as digestion. However, in some cases, the organs responsible for production become defective or suffer from naturally occurring ailments; bringing about a sudden deficiency in these enzymes. A good example is lactose intolerance, which is common in the United States. The stomach is unable to produce the enzyme lactase which is required for the breakdown of lactose before absorption that is found in milk and dairy products. When you incorporate natural dietary supplements together with your daily meals, they come with doses of these enzymes to enable you utilize your food efficiently and effectively.

NutrimentRX therefore purposes to deliver the best natural dietary supplements to cater for both the health and the general life improvement of the consumer. With more than 1000 available products for purchase, we have all the supplements required for both optimal wellness, and for personalized medicinal requirements that are essential in assisting you to battle with ailments such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and cancer.

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