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Obesity is one of the biggest health problems facing the United States. If we’re not careful, this epidemic will spiral out of control in the next 10 years. For instance, The U.S Department of Agriculture states alarmingly that we Americans consume about 20% more calories today than we did in the 1980’s. What’s even more surprising is that each of us eats about 195lbs of meat a year; a sharp increase from the 138lbs our grandparents had in the 1950’s. A recent research conducted by the World Health Organization also revealed that our culture is fast contributing to an overweight nation; what with all the burger joints, pizza parlors and fast food ‘All American’ diners starting up everywhere. Just ask yourself this, when was the last time you had a wholesome healthy meal?

The good news is that with the increase in technological innovations, scientific research and dietary study, NutrimentRx are proud to be affiliated with companies that produce high quality all natural dietary supplements for weight loss that not only serve to help you cut back on those extra pounds, but also provide a more holistic lifestyle.

Many of us find it difficult to hit the gym or lose weight. To be honest, it’s not that easy. That is why for those who are still too obese to exercise; these supplements are encouraged to help them in their journey to lose weight. If you’ve been searching for the right dietary supplements for weight loss, here are a few compounds to look out for.

The outer layers of shrimps, crabs and lobsters contain large amounts of this sugar. It works by preventing cholesterol and fats from being absorbed by the body and it is quite famous in weight loss seminars.

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Nutrients are important to the body. They provide the essential factors vital to keeping you healthy and strong throughout the stages of human growth and development. In fact, we at NutrimentRX believe in supplying the best nutritional supplements to all people, regardless of whether they are in puberty, adult-hood or in their senior years. A consistent intake of nutriments to your system helps to revitalize the organs and keep them functioning at their best. That is why we believe in ‘personalized medicine for optimal wellness.’

When it comes to understanding the essential list of vitamins, minerals and herbs required by the human anatomy, NutrimentRX pioneers in providing them in the easiest to ingest forms; ranging from lozenges, capsules and liquid doses. We believe that each complex process of the body requires at least a certain amount of nutrients for excellent functioning; that is why we offer the best nutritional supplements to be accompanied with positive-living activities and practices such as:

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