Chilean Wedding Customs

Unlike various other Latino countries, Chilean wedding party traditions are fairly similar to these in the United States. Although some may seem strange or offensive, they are simply meant to provide good luck to the couple.

The main wedding party is in a Catholic religious organization. The bride and groom are escorted down the interchange by equally parents. They may be given gifts of numismatic coins.

The wedding ceremony is then a huge evening meal. Common dishes are sea food and grain. The soon-to-be husband may slip on an engagement ring. The bride usually has darker hair and olive skin area. She is well-groomed and gorgeous.

During the wedding reception, the bride and groom dance along. A rose demo ceremony is usually performed. The bride’s parents give the few “zafa” items. This is a reward of goods for being used for their house and clothing. They are an indication of love and support meant for the bride and groom.

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The marriage party may even stop by each table to thank friends. During the earliest dance, money is sometimes recorded onto the bride’s dress up. This is a symbolic touch of posting a cup of your life.

Chilean marriage traditions include the exchange of classic watches and marriage rings. The wedding ceremony ring is definitely blessed. The bride and soon-to-be husband are seated underneath a silk canopy called latina girl online dating conversation a carre. The bride’s parents chilean mail order wife will also produce a crown.

The wedding ceremony begins considering the man suggesting to the girl. He then calls for a meeting with all the clan parents.