A letter to New Providers

Hello Friends!

I’m so excited to share this with you first. It’s official. NutrimentRx has been beta tested. And it’s now live for everyone!

NutrimentRx was created to optimize your office workflow and supplement needs.

You are a doctor, run a medical company and you do this very well. Let us manage your supplement orders so you can spend more time on patient needs.

Most medical practice drop far below the 30% commission structure they receive after you factor in: Cost for staff to take orders, log on to multiple vendor sites and place orders for your patients.  If you run a store inside your location your operation cost most likely have you far below 25% after expiration and loss.

What makes NutrimentRx different?  NutrimentRx solves all of this and offers so much more.

Check out Nutrimentrx.com.   This one stop shop offers:

    • EVERYTHING a functional medicine office could want for their patients.
    • 25% sales commision or give it as a discount to your patients.
    • Track all patient sales for protocol compliance
    • Amazing customer support
    • Local Bay Area company
  • MD HQ Integration!   That means write your notes -> Items auto load in your patient’s cart!
  • 1-click login links provided to you top put in the encounter summary .   All your patients do is click a secure link and they are in their NutrimentRx cart!
  • White labeling Homepages
  • Full patient return, shipment, & unique need servicing
  • Fast, low price shipping, Free shipping on orders over $199
  • 2500+ Products from your choice of these vendors:
    • Apex Energetics
    • Beyond Balance
    • BioPure
    • Byron White Formulas
    • Emerson Ecologics
    • GreenDragon
    • Lauricidin
    • MegaSporeBiotic
    • NeuroScience
    • Ortho Molecular
    • Prescript Assist
    • Seeking Health
    • Xymogen

After watching so many good doctors piecemeal different vendors into their businesses, I’ve made the supplement providing portion easier, integrated, and more lucrative.

I love our community and what it’s offering to world.  Looking forward to connecting so we can see how NutrimentRx.com can service you.

If you are interested or would like a demo please sign-up here.

Thank you so kindly 🙂

Have a great day and warm wishes

And if there is anything I can ever to assist with anything let me know and I am happy to help

Kevin Mackey

“We are here for your patients,
We are understanding, compassionate, and deeply empathetic to all of their unique situations.
We will continue to hold that container of support with love and humility. We are deeply honored you have chosen to partner with NutrimentRx.”
The NutrimentRx Family